Our Fleet of Trucks

The latest models of trucks and trailers support us in providing a more reliable and satisfying service to you. We own and operate our fleet of trailers and trucks, driven by our dedicated and experienced truck drivers. Learn more about our trucking fleet that makes our operation possible below.

Dump Fleet

Snowflake is equipped with over 20 dump trailers. These trailers are able to be lifted in the air dumping the product out from the back for an easy unloading process. Designed to transport dry bulk materials these trailers are one of the most commonly used trailers in the industry. 


  • Haul up to 80 cubic yards
  • Dry Bulk Hauling
  • Easy Unloading Process
dump services
flat bed trucking services

Flatbed Truck Fleet

Flat bed trucking services

Pneumatic Tankers

tanker services
Tanker services

Ship With Us

We deliver your product from point A to point B on time, every time with no interruptions. Request a quote today!

The Benefits of Snowflake

On Time Delivery

We understand just how important timing is for you and your company, which is why work endlessly to make sure your product always arrives on time.

Safety & Security

For a company that is always on the road, safety is our number one priority. Built on a foundation of safety to ensure the security of our drivers, your freight, and the community.

Reliability & Trust

Being transparent is something we take pride in; if an issue ever arises, we are the first to reach out and make sure the problem is resolved with no delay. 

Saving you Money & Time

We know that nothing hurts productivity more than late arrivals. We work closely with our customers to ensure all our shipments arrive on schedule to help save you time and money

Moving Foward

Our goal is to always be pushing the bar forward, which is why we continue to invest in our people, resources, and facilities to provide a better service to you.

Customer Service

With our first-class customer service, you will have the peace of mind knowing that one of our transportation experts will be here to answer your questions at any time.

Snowflake Transportation™ is an American Rock Salt© Company